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Stunning Champion Showdown Weapon Unveiled!

Valiant Heroes & Angels, seize the opportunity to win yourself a unique prize!

League of Angels will be holding a brand-new tournament called the Champion Showdown! This tournament allows heroes from all servers, all platforms and all time-zones, to join. The purpose of holding this tournament, is to choose the best from all heroes, naming him or her the guardian of this holy land. This outstanding hero (the final champion) shall have the rights to win himself/herself a unique and customization prize in which they will be seen before all as the mightiest of all.

DIY Rewards Include:
Title: You will earn a title with a special attribute and you have the right to name it.
Equipment: You will earn the most powerful equipment in League of Angels, and you can decide the name and description for it.
After all the customized items are made, the unique equipment can be seen in all servers.

A weapon of stunning aesthetics and mechanics, these weapons know no bounds. Let's admire their beauty and contemplate their deadly power!

Now comes the time to wonder the following...
Who will win these weapons?
Who will get to name them?
Who will give them their background description?
Let's find out in the Champion Showdown!

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