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The Witch’s Tarot                                                                                                                                
A long time ago Pumpkin Head defeated an evil witch whose Tarot Cards were wreaking havoc upon unfortunate souls. Those who would dare touch the cards became so addicted to the magic within that they would play until they died of exhaustion. Now these cards have appeared throughout the land once again, do you dare flip the cards and to reap the rewards while resisting the magic within?      


Gameplay: Memory Card Style                 

1.     1. An even number of cards will appear upside down before you. I.e. 8 cards appear meaning there are 4 pairs of matches. Players will be able to purchase challenge time and card flipping attempts at the beginning of gameplay (players automatically receive a certain amount of attempts by the system.)

2.     2. When players flip the cards, 1 flip attempt will be used for each card flipped. If the two random cards a player flips over match each other the player will receive points; otherwise, the cards will flip back over automatically. Cards do not change position within a match.

3.     3. If all the cards are matched within the given time, the player will be able to advance to the next level and will receive prizes for the level completed. When the challenge time ends and the cards have not all been matched then it will be game over.

4.     4. When all free flip attempts have been used up, the player will be allowed to purchase more to continue or abandon gameplay. Players have 3 free challenge attempts per day with no repeat challenges for the same level. Purchasing challenge attempts consumes Diamonds.

5.     5. When a player enters a new level s/he will keep any remaining flip attempts from the previous level but time will reset. Difficulty increases as level increases.

6.     6. Flip attempts reset every day, but points purchased or added using Tarot Flip Cards will not reset.


Point Shop                                                                                                                 

You can swap the points obtained from flipping cards and passing levels for items in the Point Shop.

The current level cap is 10, although we will continue to develop and provide greater challenges in time.

R2Games LoA Ops Team