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The Divine War - Fight for Glory!

Divine War Introduction
June 15th to June 29th (Server time)
Servers: All servers that have been launched for at least a month.
Description: This is the war of gods. Here, four gods representing the four different factions come together to do battle. Join the fight to test your might alongside thousands of servers at the same time!

Participation requirement: All Lvl. 50+ players with battle ratings in excess of 300K can join in the event only if they vote during the Voting Period. For those who don't vote, they will not be able to enter battle for the entire event, so don't miss your chance to join! If you are qualified to compete to be the Hero of your server, don't miss the Sign-up Period, if you don't want to be there Hero, you do not need to sign-up simply vote during the Voting Period.

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