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The Inferno

​The Inferno 

The Inferno is a whole new PvE system that lets groups of 2 to 3 players tackle an Erebus-like dungeon together. It unlocks at level 45 and provides vast quantities of Element Crystal, Soulstones and gold. Rewards are based on speed, so clear all the monsters and defeat the final boss as fast as possible for the greatest reward! 

Different difficulties of the Inferno will unlock as players’ characters level up. Players may choose to enter an instance of their level or lower. Each player can participate up to 2 times per day for free. More attempts may be purchased with Diamonds (the number of times a player can purchase attempts depends on his or her VIP level). 

The Inferno contains 200 tiles. Players within the same party are allowed to stand on the same tile. If there is an event on it, the first player that reaches the tile will trigger it. 

The main goal in the Inferno is to defeat the boss in the lower right corner of the map as fast as possible. In order to remove the obstacles around the boss, the players have to both defeat all the beasts and activate all the artifacts that are randomly placed on the tiles. Undefeated monsters’ HP will not reset after combat and they can be attacked again by any of the players. 

Players in the group can make their moves simultaneously. Every player has an independent CD time. Each movement, attack, and activation will increase the CD time only for the player carrying out the action.  

When the CD reaches a maximum, players will not be able to move until the cooldown has ended or by spending Diamonds. 


Buffs gained while in the Inferno must be activated by players manually. Each buff has will remain only for a certain amount of time and can only affects the player who activated it. If a player activates another buff before the previous one ends, the latter one will replace the previous one immediately. Different buffs have different effects; use them wisely to increase efficiency. 

Assessment and Rewards 

Rewards are based on your assessment with higher grades rewarded for faster runs. If the remaining time reaches 0 and the Boss has not yet been slain, players will still receive a reward, but it will be based on the lowest grade - D.