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Tide Pool

Tide Pool is one of League of Angel’s many mini-games. Earn gold, gems, and Soulstones here.

2.Munitions are replenished daily at 12:00 am and 1:00 pm. Use gold to purchase additional munitions.
3.The higher your cannon level, the more munitions used up with each shot.
Higher-level cannons capture a larger cross-section of fish.

Catching Fish
1.There are many different type of fish in the Tide Pool, with varying levels of HP.
2.Higher HP fish yield higher rewards and more points, but are also harder to catch.
3.Fish recover daily at 6:00 am.
Fish Respawn
1.More fish are added to the Tide Pool each day, at 12:00 am and 1:00 pm.
2.Summon more fish by using bait.  
1.Better fish yield more points.
2.Earn points to unlock special prizes, and rise up the leaderboard.

Tide Pool Level
1.Each time you catch a fish, your Tide Pool receives EXP which levels up your Tide Pool.
2.The higher your Tide Pool level, the better fish you will find – and the better rewards you’ll reap.