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To Honor Our Angel - Serrin

Serrin was an experienced League of Angel's player among various other R2 games. She served as one of our beloved GMs and helped many players in-game during her time with us. Unfortunately, Serrin passed away two weeks ago, leaving many in great dismay. We will forever have her in our thoughts and prayers and extend our most heartfelt condolences to her family and friends. In her honor, we have created a new Angel in-game named after Serrin. We hope that this special Angel will forever remind us of her kindness. 

This is her in-game character. According to her husband, Serrin's favorite map is Titania (Lvl. 81 - 90), a stunning winter paradise.

Serrin is dedicated and fearless, and has now become an Angel in the land of Angels. With this Angel, we hope that Serrin will forever fight by our side for what is right and just.

We have also included an NPC-Serrin in the Titania map to honor her favorite location in LoA. Visit her to see view the poem made for her (chosen from poems made by fellow LoA players). We will never forget the beautiful life that was far too briefly a part of League of Angels.

The new Angel will be available after the next version update. We will make a series of Hot Events to make Serrin available to all players, which means all players have the chance to get this Angel for free. Please keep an eye on our official website and forum for coming news.


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