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Totem Unite

Totem Unite will appear in the Totem System on Sep. 10th (server time) after the update. Here you can train to unlock a second Totem to get higher stats and boost your Battle Rating. Here we’ll tell you a little more about this new system.



General Introduction

1. Deployed Totems now have a chance to trigger a second Totem when in effect.

2. An opal Totem (resting Totem)is different from a deployed Totem and can be selected.

3. The second Totem's stats will be added to all units in battle once it's set successfully.

4. The second Totem slot can be trained to boost stats for units in battle.

5. A breakthrough can be made to increase the trigger rate of the second Totem upon reaching 10 stars. Each breakthrough increases the second Totem trigger rate by 10%.


Training and Breakthrough for Second Totems

1.Consume Soulstones to train your second Totem.  


 2.Upon reaching 10 stars, consume Dark Soulstones to make a breakthrough.




Item: Dark Soulstone

Used for Totem breakthroughs. A successful breakthrough increases the second Totem trigger rate by 10%.

Dark Soulstones can be obtained from events.



See you in-game!

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