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Version Update 11/16: New Hero Soul Messenger

Update Time: Nov. 16th
New Version: V3.90

New Hero: 
1. Soul Messenger
Darkness descends and the evolution of Snow Messenger awakens, casting his new skill, Death’s Shadow, across the lands.

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2.Dragon Goddess
As the Dragon Queen rises to the heavens, her evolution of Dragon Goddess is born. All that stand in her way will be engulfed in her Dragon’s Inferno skill.

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New Exclusive Amulet:
1. Dragon Staff
This amulet is exclusive to Dragon Queen and her evolutions.
2. Adv. Dragon Staff

New Sylph:
Hope Sower
Wherever she goes, hope follows.

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New Item:
1. Thanksgiving token
2. Thanksgiving Chest

Armaments can be improved to lvl. 200 and enchanted to lvl.20 in Stable Craftwork.

Smelting event will be available on Nov. 17th (server time).