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Subscribing for VIP will give you that extra edge in League of Angels. Benefits include:

- Instant access to VIP3
- 90% progress towards VIP4
- Daily VIP Pack x1
- 500,000 Gold!

VIP3 includes the following features:

-Stamina Purchase Cap +4
- Friend Cap +30
- Free Alchemy +4
- Gemology Energy +3
- Gemology Purchase Cap +20
- 1-Click Equipment Enhance
- Garden Plots +3
- Drill Slots +2
- Tide Pool Munitions +30
- Premium Tide Pool Cap +5
- Team Dungeon Cap +2
- Arena Purchase Cap +2
- Erebus Purchase Cap +2
- Spire Cap +2
- Enhance Success Rate +10%
- Clash of Might Cap +2
- Zodiac Cap +2

Note: VIP subscriptions are automatically made on a monthly basis. If you wish to cancel your subscription, please log-in to your R2Games.com account and follow the instructions for cancellation. Please remember to cancel your subscription a week before the next payment to prevent unwanted charges. Collect your 500,000 Gold from the ‘Hot Events’ tab.
Becoming VIP
Recharge to receive the most precious resource of all in League of Angels: Diamonds! Use Diamonds to add VIP Development points. (100 Diamonds gives you 1 VIP Dev point). Remember, you won’t receive any VIP benefits until you purchase a VIP card. When you lose VIP status, you’ll begin to lose 5 Dev points daily - until returning to VIP1.

VIP Development 

Login every day to gain VIP Development points (Dev points). You can also spend 500 Diamonds to gain 1 Dev point.


$1 USD = 100 diamonds

Fig. 1: VIP bonuses and details

Note: As we continue to develop and improve League of Angels, new updates may slightly change the appearance or effects of systems and classes in-game. Where any discrepancy between game and guide occurs, in-game data shall take precedence.  If you discover any errors, bugs or inconsistencies please contact us immediately and we will fix it during the next update.