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Volatile Battlefields

League of Angels is ready to introduce a brand new feature: Volatile Battlefields. This gameplay, available Nov.4th, allows players to team up with friends to fight for glory and awesome rewards! Read on for more details.

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Volatile Battlefields is accessible via the main interface of the game. It’s available to players level 70 and above. Check the event schedule below:

Day 1Sign up
Day 2Preliminary 1
Day 3Preliminary 2
Day 4Top 8
Day 5Top 4
Day 6Final
Day 7Rewards

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1. Registration: 
1) Registration is only available the first day from 00:00 - 23:59. 
2) Only Alliance Leaders and Deputies have the right to sign up. 
3) Registration will fail if less than 6 players in the Alliance have logged in to the game within 7 days of registration. 

2. Preliminary: 
2 Random Alliances will confront one another based on the Alliance's total BR.

3. Top 8, Top 4 & Grand Final: 
The Top 8 Alliances will battle against one another. In knockout mode, winners will enter the next round while those defeated will leave battle.

4. Rewards: 
All alliances who have joined the battle will gain rewards. The Top 8 Alliances will gain ranking rewards, while the remaining Alliances will get participation rewards. Rewards can be claimed for 14 consecutive days before the next Preliminary takes place. 

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All players can bet after the Top 8 competition starts can win rewards. Correct bets will win double the wager and wrong bets will lose all wagers.
We hope to see you all in game soon and that you enjoy this new battlefield! We look forward to bringing you much more great content soon!