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The twelve palaces of the Zodiac are bastions protected by fearsome foes. Even players around level 33 will have difficulty with the weakest of these celestial keeps.

Fig. 1: Zodiac Screen

1. Clear a Zodiac palace to unlock the mighty Aegis it guards!
2. Each Zodiac is guarded by two deployments of enemies and a powerful BOSS.
3. Each level drops Aegis Shards, which can be used to upgrade and smelt your Aegis.
4. Each Zodiac has no level cap. As long as you can rout all the enemies in one palace, you may continue to the next.
5. You may clear each level one time per day. VIPs can purchase extra attempts and high level VIPs unlock blitz capabilities.
6. Entering a Zodiac does not cost Stamina.

Fig. 2: Inside the Zodiac